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HealthCon: An Advanced AI-Powered Telehealth Ecosystem

Making healthcare solutions & consultations widely accessible to patients.

Anywhere and Everywhere
Healthcon | Build Future AI | Custom AI Development Company


HealthCon is an advanced AI-driven telehealth solution that elevates communication, consultation, and collaboration between physicians and patients, delivering an unparalleled healthcare experience. It also provides third-party health monitoring features for detecting chronic illnesses and recommends required treatment. Its comprehensive suite comprises digital care assistants, a telemedicine platform, clinician decision-support tools, and remote patient monitoring.



Accuracy on patient range


conditions and symptoms recovered


lower re- admissions

A sneak peek of our product

Healthcon | Build Future AI | Custom AI Development Company


A US-based client approached us (BuildFuture.AI) to help them build an AI-powered telehealth solution named HealthCon. They wanted us to create a futuristic development where patients and healthcare professionals can integrate into one place replacing medical disparities and limitations. They also asked us to bring an additional feature, a symptom tracker to assist patients get a preliminary or early detection of the illness they could have.

Healthcon | Build Future AI | Custom AI Development Company


The US-based firm proposed an idea to create a seamless telehealth application for their healthcare institution that supports two-way communication for both patients and physicians. For quality care, they wanted their app to have a symptom tracker tool where patients can identify the illness by selecting the symptoms they are having. The client wanted to enable appointment scheduling, virtual consultations or chat with the healthcare professionals based on their suitability.

To make this vision a reality, our expert team of professionals at leverages potential resources, skilled advisory, and advanced tech stacks to create versatile and scalable AI-based healthcare solutions.

OUR SOLUTION successfully developed an online consultation software solution (Healthcon) facilitating telemedical communication between patients and physicians. Based on our analysis of the client’s requirements and market dynamics, we built a feature-enhanced application that was crafted and deployed after several trials and tests following a strategic development roadmap.

In this development, we integrate an advanced AI-powered symptom tracker tool, enabling patients and physicians to assess health issues based on selected symptoms. It also allows the correct examination of the health issues and gets a detailed report considering the illness.

The video consultation platform also incorporates a third-party vitals tracker, recording key metrics such as blood pressure, glucose, weight, and SPO2 for effective chronic disease management.

Healthcon | Build Future AI | Custom AI Development Company

Mobile App for Physicians:

Physicians can conduct symptom checks using the AI engine, monitor assigned patients, review symptom checker notes, initiate video calls, manage appointments, and more.

Healthcon | Build Future AI | Custom AI Development Company

Mobile App for Physicians:

Patients can request appointments, view doctors' schedules, manage medications, request refills, access billing, and compliance reports, set reminders, and organize to-do tasks.

Healthcon | Build Future AI | Custom AI Development Company

Admin App Portal:

The admin portal, a role-based solution, empowers permit holders to manage physicians and schedules, create accounts, oversee appointments, and track revenue generated.

Healthcon | Build Future AI | Custom AI Development Company

Real-Time, Remote Medical Diagnostic & Treatment

HealthCon In-Chat Consultation

With our HealthCon telehealth app development, patients can connect with healthcare professionals using chatting and receive online consultations and prescribed treatment.

HealthCon Video Consultation

In HealthCon Video Consultation, patients can have direct face-to-face online consultations about illness and even connect better by showcasing the symptoms if visible over the body and avail medical prescription.

Features of the HealthCon TeleHealth Application

Enhanced Quality Care

Our telehealth app development ensures exceptional healthcare solutions and professional consultations for patients.

Zero Waiting Time or Delays

HealthCon provides prompt and efficient healthcare solutions, eliminating inconvenience for patients and ensuring immediate attention.

Easy Accessibility

HealthCon allows patients to effortlessly access the application through a user-friendly interface, ensuring seamless and convenient accessibility.

Swift Response Rate

HealthCon acts promptly, delivering swift responses and advanced healthcare solutions for timely assistance.

Reliable Symptom Tracker

Our telehealth app development includes a dependable symptom-tracking feature that effectively monitors and ensures a proactive approach to well-being.

Challenges We Faced While Developing HealthCon & How We Overcame Them

Healthcon | Build Future AI | Custom AI Development Company
Data Security & Privacy Concerns:

Ensuring the highest standards of data security and privacy for sensitive medical data, HealthCon utilizes HIPAA data regulatory compliances to prevent healthcare-associated fraud..

Lack of ICT Training:

To build an advanced Information & Communication Technology-rich application, HealthCon offers comprehensive training programs, webinars, user guides, and various learning modules.

Data Training:

The development of HealthCon is powered by data augmentation techniques, collaborating with diverse datasets. Continuous monitoring and updating of AI models bring accuracy and efficiency to the application.

AI & Healthcare Integration:

Before commencing the development of HealthCon, Build Future AI's development team collaborated closely with healthcare professionals, learning about their workflows, decision-making processes, and other relevant features.

What’s the impact?

Revitalizing the symptom tracker mobile app, HealthCon has evolved into a predictive, personalized, and preventive care platform driven by AI. It seamlessly provides third-party monitoring assistance.

Digital solutions streamline patient journeys, automate processes, enhance clinical decisions, and boost patient satisfaction.

A centralized telemedicine hub has been created where users can instantly make online payments and track real-time alerts.

A recent study conducted with medical faculty and researchers from top universities affirmed HealthCon’s accuracy, with a remarkable 94–97% patient triage precision, surpassing ER physicians (86–88%) and ER PAs (65%).

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